Author photo by Stacie Pottinger,  Rogue Studios

Author photo by Stacie Pottinger, Rogue Studios

It's All About Me...

A partial list of experiences I have had:

*  I am fortunate enough to have traveled widely in the world and the United States. I’ve never been to South America, however.

*  College. I came out of this with a degree and a husband. The degree proved useful as a bullet point on my resume; the husband proved useful as a learning experience.

*  I’ve been inside one of the Great Pyramids.

*  I’ve been to Hiroshima.

*  I have a few Honorable Mention ribbons for mixed media collage pieces I’ve entered in local art exhibits.

*  I have been a picture framer, and still am on occasion.

*  I have baked many cakes but I’ve never Baked Alaska; in fact, I’ve never even been to Alaska.

*  Now I can say that I've experienced a total solar eclipse. (See my "Totality" blog.)

A partial list of things I like:

*  My family and my husband (the current one!)

*  Life, my life, all life

*  Reading

*  Being creative

*  Cooking

*  Art and art exhibits

*  Most kinds of music. Although I don’t have much experience with Rap, I admire its spontaneity and poetry.

*  Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, and Joni Mitchell

A complete list of things I don’t like:

*  Competitiveness, conflict, politics, fried eggs, poached eggs, and too much cumin.